“I had Dan-O execute a complete inspection on a 2000 Trans Am in show car condition that I could not view myself. On the day I called him he stopped what he was doing to complete the inspection.  I knew the car had a bad door ding it that the owner disclosed, so I could commit to buying the car on eBay. I have bought several muscle cars based on third party inspections, and the level of service I received from Dan was “bar none” the best I have had the pleasure of working with. He called me when he got to the car, did a thorough walk around on the phone with me, tested all electrical items, found another door ding and obviously found the bad door ding immediately. When I received the car I could not find a blemish on the car and it was everything he said it was upon his inspection and removal of the door dings. I HIGHLY recommend that if you need a car inspected in the Ohio area and door dings removed – DAN IS YOR MAN! He is worth every penny and is extremely reasonable and fair in his pricing.”

Brad Haber     Centerville, OH


“Dan, I am telling everybody about the great job you did on my van.  If you ever need a referral just let me know .  I’m glad there are people like you out there!  Thanks again!”

Sandy Dailey     Celina, OH


“Dan-O-Dents saved my beautifully concour restored 1967 Jaguar E-Type from a VERY expensive trip to a body shop.  He removed a small but noticeable dent in my flawless painted bonnet (hood).  The hood was closed with a tool left on top of the radiator which cause a raised dent.  I would recommend Dan to anyone and everyone because it is not every day I let just anyone work on my car.  Dan is very professional and a lot more affordable then my body shop which quoted 3 days and up to $1600.  Thanks Dan O!”

Scott Fitzgerald     Greenville, OH


“I would highly recommend Dan-O-Dents to my friends and family because of the fast and efficient service I received on my PT Cruiser. Even though my dent had been there for about a year and a half, after Dan worked on it, you couldn’t even tell it had been there at all! Best of all, Dan provided friendly service at a reasonable rate!”

Lisa Brunswick    Celina, OH


“Dan is the DEAL! He got out some small dents and some big dents in my car!  Call him, I really recommend it! Great job Dan O Dents!!”

Angie Rolfes     Celina, OH


“After purchasing a brand new Honda Accord less than 9 months ago, my vehicle was backed into which resulted in a deep crease dent over a body line.  I received several estimates from body shops in which they would either have to putty fill. sand, and paint my dent or replace the whole rear quarter panel.  I knew I wanted to look into other options.  I received a very reasonable repair quote from Dan-O-Dents and loved the fact that my brand new car would still have all the factory original parts and finish.  Dan-O-Dents was able to fix my dent and make my car look new again.  Dan is extremely professional and an expert in the area of paintless dent repair.  After speaking with him you’ll agree.  I would refer him time and time again.  Thanks Dan-O-Dents!”

Amy Scheer     San Diego, CA